Get Honeycomb Supers For Your Super Bees

Ever since people started collecting honey from honey bees, it’s been an exciting pastime. Everything from the hive to the honey seems to fascinate each one of us. There are many who have taken up beekeeping as a profession while others do it out of passion. Although fun, keeping bees is a daunting task, as well. Before you start with beekeeping, having the right equipment to support your bees is of the utmost necessity.

At Dadant, we’ve been providing quality beekeeping supplies since our start in 1863. We carry a wide selection of honey-extracting equipment, protective clothing, frames, supers, and everything you need to keep your bees happy and producing quality honey. Being America’s oldest and largest manufacturers of beekeeping supplies, we aim at educating the beekeeping enthusiasts from around the world. Read below to know about one such piece of equipment: SUPERS.

What Are Honeycomb Supers?

Amongst the many types of equipment required for keeping bees, the honeycomb super is an important one. It’s an additional box with movable frames that is set above the brood chamber. Each super consists of 8 to 10 frames, which are used by bees to store surplus honey. A honey super comes in three different sizes but are generally smaller than the hive body.

During late spring and early summer, it’s ideal to add more supers to your hive as there’s an abundant source of nectar in this period. Therefore, the bees need enough storage space for the honey as they collect nectar at a greater pace. The super has to be removed from the hive before fall to extract the honey. Make sure you keep in mind that the honey bee colony should be left with enough honey for the bees to consume during the winter.

The Top Three Supers
 We recommend that you use medium size supers rather than the deep ones. With more honey, deep supers will become heavy and can’t be lifted easily. So, it’s advisable to stack more supers on your hive to store more of the honey. While there’s many supers available in the market, here are our top three favorites:

1. C31501P 6 5/8 Painted Super: This comes assembled with 10–6 1/4'’ grooved top-bar frames. The frames have beeswax coated Plasticell foundation. The C31501P 6 5/8 Painted Super uses high quality painted wood.

2. Hobby Kit #3 B38301: The Hobby Kit #3 B38301 super kit is unassembled for the do it yourself beekeeper. It should be painted only on the outer side of the super after assembly. The 10 frame kit consists of:

● 2–10 pack Plasticell 5 1/2 inch beeswax coated

● 1 plastic excluder

● 2 6 5/8 inch unassembled Supers

● 2 c/10 GTB unassembled Frames

3. Bee-O-Pac System M01580: The Bee-O-Pac System M01580 consists of eight frames that easily fit into a 6 5/8” super. The frames are plastic molded with each having two parts. Both the parts are snapped together to form a complete frame. Once the bees fill up the frames, they need to be carefully removed from the hive. Each half has to be separated and covered with a lid. Then they can be labeled and marked for the market.

I’m sure you’re already thinking of getting a super for your bees. Dadant is there to help you with all your needs.