Daddy Bee

I’m Daddy Bumblebee… or just Daddy Bee for short.

You might be wondering why the bumblebee association. I’ll admit, for being a logical guy it lacks any real connection. For starters, there really isn’t a “daddy” bumblebee. Maybe if I was a woman I could roll with “queen bee”, but switching the analogy to “king” didn’t have the connotations I wanted either.

In all actuality it stems more from a hated nickname I’ve lived with. You see, I don’t have a normal name and have at times been called “bumblebee” as a bad pronunciation. I didn’t dislike it because of the big, hairy Pittsburgh Steelers colored insect that can pack a nice punch if you meet it. I disliked it because I felt it was a cop-out… I mean, did you even try to pronounce it or did you glaze over after the first couple letters??

Anyways, I digress. So when I wanted to open up this new line of thought credit at the blogging bank anonymously, I was somewhat drawn to my old naming nemesis, the bumblebee.

So, “bee” it henceforth and forever known that I am now embodying Daddy Bee to share my thoughts, challenges, goals, and experiences in hopes that they may be an encouragement to my fellow drones out there.

There’s no agenda, plan or value proposition. Let’s just see what happens.


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