Nothing Changes Overnight… Or Does It?

Hi. The name’s Bumblebee… Daddy Bumblebee.

I’m a 25 year old husband, father, coffeeisseur, web app engineer, financial guru, reformed son of God. Among other things…

I’m passionate about my family… err bees. I’m devoted to being a man of God that isn’t following the crowd (including mainstream Christianity) and trying to be purposeful on how we spend out time buzzing around in this tiny, finite, ever fleeting thing we call life.

I believe that small, intentional decisions can make or break who you become. Nothing changes overnight. You can’t get rich quick.

While I fully rest in the sovereign rule of a kind and gracious Lord, I believe in taking personal responsibility for your actions and leading the change you want to see in yourself and those around you. I come from a passive and spoiled generation whose only experience with hardship has been sharing the family computer before everyone got their own devices.

But, even with that said I feel like this is the generation that is tired of the status quo and wants something more. Our Facebook friendships are superficial, our jobs unfulfilling, our marriages mediocre and our kids a headache (at least until they’re in school).

However, I’ve found a ticket out of the rat race and onto the path that contains the only way we can have true joy and satisfaction in this life. The meaning of everything isn’t found through some philosophical pursuit, but a Person. Our destiny isn’t just to acquire more materials then our neighbors or have the latest gizmos.

No, our hope is found in the decree of a Judge, who reads the charges filed against us in the court of life, hears our lowly pleas of guilty as charged, and levies the full punishment due our offenses not on us, but another. Someone who never committed any wrong and kept every dot and iota of the Law. Because of His love for His people, He willingly took every ounce of pain and suffering humanly and spiritually possible so that we could be redeemed.

Nothing changes overnight. Well, maybe this did for me. God opened my eyes and I saw clearly for the first time. My destiny was forever changed. While I still have to daily battle with the preloaded software of my OS, I am slowly being converted into a new application that will one day be bug free; software to be presented back to my Redeemer as a reward for His suffering.

Join me, as this daddy bee attempts to follow Christ through the faculties of life. We’ll talk about everything from finances to fatherhood to the sovereignty of God. So brew some coffee, pull up a chair, and may God be pleased to bless this work for His glory.


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