Too Many Bottles…

Just for fun

The life of being a Dad usually starts off with months of feeding the little guy with a bottle, washing bottles, refilling bottles, wondering where all those bottles went, and then starting over again. But for me, I just can’t seem to get enough of the bottles.

Our family has always been a sanctuary for orphans (so to speak) whether human, animal, or even reptile. So instead of just spending every three hours feeding a growing and ever hungry little man… We decided to throw in the bottle feeding of an orphaned 2 week old infant squirrel. So now in between feedings for our fur-less baby, we spend time feeding the fur baby.

On a bright note, the squirrel (named Snapper, because he was found on a lawn mower) is now 5 weeks old and has opened his eyes.

So I guess this Dad stuff is now crossing the species line. Have a blessed night!

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