Interesting Colleagues I Have Met in Bootcamp

This is the third day of the Andela Bootcamp and the journey thus far has been “code-full” permit me to use that word. But truly speaking, this journey would have been so uneasy without the people i have met on this journey along with me. Allow me to mention few of them as an acknowledgement on their contribution to my learning strides:

Samuel Longshak is such an interesting guy whose programming prowess I admire. He’s outstanding in knowledge and one thing i love about him is he always shares his knowledge and to him, doing that is fun!

Sophia Somtochukwu, a lady with an ardent desire to learn. I love people who love learning, and it gives joy impacting knowledge. Sophia will always inquire what a particular challenge is, and learn how to do it herself. I admire her on that.

Chinwoke Hyginus, a very active guy and can be very funny. You need people sometimes to make you laugh out the stress you go through, and this guy is just that person. Something peculiar about him is his zeal to be ahead, even if he does not know how or what to do (*laughs).

These are just a few i can mention for now, and i must say they are great guys. Thanks for your time, i’m sure this is worth the read.

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My Experience in Bootcamp so Far