Never Write About Yourself
Matthew Knight

So far I’ve read 3 great articles you’ve written. V I’m good at & always loved English & ive written since I can remember. In fact, when clearing my granny’s house mum & I came across these tiny little handmade books I had made & she kept all these years! Writing about my own experiences is a way I’ve used to counsel myself or cleanse my poor, ever-over-thinking mind. But that’s as far as I go. I’m a creative of the digital art kind! And I agree, you are too involved to edit your words if it’s about you. May I ask, if there’s a story, actually a very complicated & potentially great story, that most people would be able to connect with, how do you find someone else to write it for you? How does it all work out if it sells? Do you pay the writer or do they ‘buy’ you & your story? Or do any profits get split? And how do you know they will do it justice? Is it plain old fashioned trust? Thank you, I hope you don’t mind my asking questions like that, if you don’t like my post, by all means, remove it. :)

Kind Regards

Sarah Johnstone

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