Why do so many high-functioning people look back at high school as the worst time of their lives — and why do we accept this as normal?
How Do Teachers Feel about Their Quiet Students?
Susan Cain

I do realize this is true but also very difficult to explain, and I think it’s also very different from country/culture to country/culture. For example, in Italy, I think what you say is true because of many reasons.

I want to name just a couple of them:

  1. Most of the schools are public and some teachers are not happy doing their work; in my opinion to teach something you need to be in love (first of all with you, then) with your subject and your class.
  2. most of the time parents choose the closest-to-home school for their children, without even thinking they have choices. Or, at least, without thinking that the choice of the right school is quite critical to the future of their children;
  3. even when there is a choice, the school/teaching thing is taken like something it cannot be changed and is taken as is like a blackbox.