i want you to remember me
as the sunshine on your nose
over Saturday morning nasi lemaks
when you let me have the best part
of the ayam goreng berempah
and let me finish your limau ais
even though i hardly touched my sambal

as we rolled around in a pool
of our own laughter
submerged in content
never did we feel the
harshness of the floor
underneath the thin mattress

do you remember me
for singing movie soundtracks
and getting all the words wrong
did you mind my feet on the dashboard
when i left my toe prints
like trailing baby caterpillars
on your windshield

that our hands naturally found each other
when you changed gears
and i changed stature.
i liked that my head found your lap
as easily as i could jimmy the door open
better than anyone

(is there someone else who does is better now?)

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