A Total Lie
Lauren Dillon

That’s Donald Trump, only in America could a message as ignorant as Trump’s message inspire a legion of voters to believe in him. He’s a classic “snake oil salesman”, he’s a sociopath with little care about anyone but Donald. If those that go to his rally’s don’t realize he’s saying what they want to hear to get them to side with his message, that unfortunately is how ignorant we are as American’s. I guess generations of dope smokers creates people that can’t tell when there being taken for a ride, he says what they want to hear but doesn’t have a coherent plan of action to get his issue solved. I see his ascendance more as an indictment on the American people’s intelligence than on Trump. Trump has so many personal issues that people don’t see, his insecurity is such that he couldn’t stop lying if he wanted to, the adulation he’s receiving is toxic all he has to do is tell people what they want to hear regardless of his ability to get it done.

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