A Four Minute Life Story

Lizzy Sarkesian

“I’ve always lived in Mount Prospect, but I was born in a hospital in Park Ridge. I’m the oldest, I’m 18, my sister is 15, her name is Jessica. I call her Jess. I went to a private school from preschool through fourth grade. I went to a private school called Saint Paul because I lived like right along the block from there and because my parents are Christian I always grew up around the church. They always wanted me and my sister to go to a private school. So we did, but then my sister got bullied and it was this whole mess. So after I finished my fourth grade there, during that summer my mom was like ‘we aren’t going back there, we’re putting you guys in public school’. So I went to Fairview for one year. I continued on to Lincoln, now I’m here. I always grew up in church, but I don’t really enjoy going to church. I didn’t have a lot of friends in elementary school at the private school. I had like two friends who I sometimes hung out with, but I just… you’re with the same people for all those years, and you would think I would’ve made friends but I never did. So when I got to Fairview and I was there for my fifth grade year I made friends like in the first week, and it was amazing. I was like wow, this never happened before. I used to play a lot of sports, at my private school they offered sports at a young age because it was different than public schools. So I did track, I did cross country, I did basketball, I did ballet for four years. I didn’t like ballet, so I quit. When I got to Fairview I stopped with sports because they didn’t offer anything. I kinda wish I stuck with it. Now I do track again. I’m not good at sports that involve balls. So I tried softball, i tried volleyball, not good at any of them, sucked at all of them. Even though I do love softball and baseball, I suck at it. I have three younger cousins who I’m really close with. I’m really close with my aunt and uncle. I had a pretty decent childhood, I always did a lot of stuff with my cousins. My cousins live in the city so we went downtown a lot.”