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People seem to be astonished that Paramount cast the most famous female face on the planet right now for a Ghost in the Shell adaption. The fact is friends, a live-action film from this anime wouldn’t even be POSSIBLE (at least not to this scale and scope) without the star power to drive the film. I agree it’s a missed opportunity for an Asian actress, but well, ask yourself if you want this film or not.

If you want this film, then you’re going to get the Paramount/Hollywood version with this actress. If you don’t want this, then the anime is still there, untouched, un-’white-washed’ in all of it’s anime glory.

And as for the Dr Strange casting, it was a political puzzle they solved by avoiding the matter altogether. The Ancient One is Tibetan. Think about the headache of casting THAT role for a second. Also, the writer explained that in the MCU the Ancient One is a MANTLE that is passed on. If you want to imagine the first Ancient One as an old racial stereotype of a Tibetan monk — go right ahead and assume that. I’m happy with their decision, at least Tilda Swinton did the role justice and gave it all of the depth and pathos the character deserved.

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