Challenges When Importing Goods For Your Business

When considering importing goods for your business, there are a few challenges that you may need to prepare for:

  • Cost

Aside from the cost of purchasing your goods, you must also have financial provision for customs, duties and taxes. These are costs that you will incur during shipment. Calculating this will help you estimate if you can afford to import your goods. It will also help you determine if the option of importing will be viable for your business.

  • Supplier

Finding a trustworthy supplier can be challenging. There are many scammers online and it may be difficult to tell the honest suppliers from the con men. It is advisable to have someone on the ground to verify the credibility of your potential supplier. If this is not possible, then you may ask people in your line of business to give you their recommendations.

  • Quality

Since you may not get the chance to see the products before you purchase them, you run the risk of receiving low quality goods. In this case, taking recommendations from business people you trust could also be helpful. If you are importing the same kind of goods you could sample the quality from them before placing your order.

  • Sending/ Receiving Money

It is important to be careful about who handles your money when importing goods. You need to find a money transfer institution that is trusted globally.

And that is Dahabshiil. With us you can be rest assured that your money will get to your supplier wherever they are in the world, and on time.

We hope that this few pointers will bring you a step closer to moving your goods with more ease, and that your business will reach new milestones.