Hello, We are Dahabshiil :-).

The year was 1970 when Dahabshiil took a leap of faith and set up shop in Burao, Somaliland. Armed with a little more than our business networks and strong family values, we sought to change the lives of the people around us. Initially the main focus of our remittance venture was to help the Somali refugees who were affected by the Somali Civil War. We helped them send help to their loved ones back in their war torn country. Having met this challenge head on- and triumphed- we were ready to broaden our horizons and be of service to more people.

To date, we have opened more than 24,000 agents across the world. We have decades of experience tucked under our name with which we continue to drive our vision. Our core business of money transfer and foreign exchange is anchored on the solid rock that is trust and responsibility. Our tremendous growth over the years is proof that we keep our word.

Our customers are at the top of our agenda. They turn to us when they need to exchange currency for business, or travel, or trade. In the world we live in, we understand the necessity to have your money changed quickly and efficiently.

We also understand that ours is not just the business of moving money from one place to the next, ours is a business that transforms the lives of those we serve. This is why our low transaction rates are unmatched in the market. And yes, you can ask around if you’d like to make certain this claim. Our doors will be wide open when you return; they always are.

So why not walk into the next Dahabshiil agent you come across and join our fast growing family? We guarantee you will walk out with an amazing smile :-).