First Decentralized Search, Bitclave

Bitclave (, the first decentralized search has pointed out that the existing marketing ecosystem is controlled by large company such as google, facebook, amazon and so on. and by that, they’re called middlemen in this ecosystem and Bitclave plans to break this wheel.

By eliminating the middlemen in this marketing ecosyste, Bitclave said that it’ll give many benefits to either the consumer and the business making direct realtionship without wasting further resource.

In the solution above, we can see that by eliminating middlemen, it will automatically improve the benefits for business and customer.

The image above says that the concept of this is by executing the transaction between business and customer directly, eliminating unnecesary fees which were charged by large companies (middlemen) and gets supported by Bitclave.

There’s also use cases which presented by Bitclave and read it below:

Time to buy a new car?

You’ve put in the time and now you’re ready to cash in on a sweet ride. You go to the BitClave app, search for the car of your dreams and opt in to share your data with certain dealers. They, in turn, can make you an offer you can’t refuse. Whether you take the offer or not — you’ll get CAT Cash either way from all dealerships that made you an offer

House Hunting

It’s time to move, and you have a specific vision for your dream home. You have a lot of specific criteria and need to stay within budget, but where to start? You open the BitClave app on your phone and search for realtors. Thanks to data that you’ve shared with BitClave, you’re served offers only from realtors who can meet your needs and you’ll earn CAT from each offer you engage with.

Stay Fashionable

You’re impeccably chic and pride yourself on not breaking the bank when you shop. What’s your secret? Over time, the more offers you engage with on the BitClave app, the better, more personalized offers you’re served. So, while you’re earning CAT that you can use to make purchases, you’re tailoring the search platform to your unique sense of style.


Bitclave have announced fundraiser in their website with the following token allocation below.


The maximum number of tokens implemented in the ecosystem is 2,000,000,000. The software does not permit change to the number of implemented tokens after the smart contract is deployed on the Network.

The maximum number of CAT Tokens available for purchase will be 1,000,000,000.

Community grants: 10%
Team: 10%
Long term budget: 30%
Fundraiser: 50%

Use of Proceeds

Development: 38% of the budget. This financing allows for the rollout of the solution, including the necessary adjustments.

Administration: 7% of the budget. Consists of associated administration costs.

Community: 37% of the budget will focus on expanding adoption. This also includes the growth and maintenance of the worldwide community.

Advisers: 5% of the budget. These funds will be directed at growth-hacking, PR, partnerships, affiliate programs and more.

Legal expenses: 5% of the budget.

Contingency: 8% of budget. This is a set-aside for unforeseen costs.

Each token will have price 0.05$ which is reasonable for the price of token compared to other ICOs and it’s really good with that amount.

The fundraising started from 15 September to 15 October, It’s a full one month and we’re expecting that the max cap will be achieved within 1 month time span.


The team consists of 20 experienced engineer with their own specialty in every field to keep the project success and get it away from failure. They also partnered with various startup as you can see from their website here:


The project also provides whitepaper for the investors to make them know about the project furthermore so that they know what they’re going to invest by reading the whitepaper and here’s the link :


There are also several press that mention this project and discuss about this project, by that, it will improve the credibility given from the publicity by various press making more people get interested into the project.








The writer of this article: DaichiJapan

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