Daily Bruin Bulletin: April 12th

By: Jimmy Zhang, Staff Reporter

Today’s Laura “Yelin” Song foundation forum was especially eventful. Passions mounted when local activists led by liaison Ace Yuan called for a replacement for committee member and Walmart representative, Jeff Mart. Activists nominated the UCLA Asian American Studies Center Director in his stead, bringing our campus community deeper into the drama surrounding the foundation and Laura’s disappearance.

Other highlights included heartfelt speeches from various members of the UCLA community. “We built a home together” said Reyna Li, aunt of Laura Song. “[Laura] was so committed to her community. Laura and I hoped to become doctors together” added her roommate Marcy Cho. Chancellor Gene Block and Gene Lee, aide to Mayoral Candidate Garcetti, outlined plans for a campus task force, potentially involving student volunteers. Meanwhile, some students have voiced concerns that previous efforts have been ineffective and that private security may be a better solution that untrained students. We will devote future articles to covering this topic as testimonials and commentary from students, administration, and local government come in.

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