Google Team Drives For Business File Sharing Launched for Early Adopters

Google Team Drives have been started off for early adapters. The primary focus of this app is to facilitate file sharing within organizations. The app was announced late in September, and has finally arrived! Tech firms tend to work with businesses as well as personal users. While personal users tend to bring a bulk of their users, the bulk of their revenue comes from businesses. Google too, is no exception to this rule.

Before the arrival of this app, Google Drive was the go-to app for organizations looking forward to share files. However, the biggest flaw with Google Drive, when compared to the Google Team Drives was the fact that it was more of a user-oriented product. The Google Drive allowed the users to do many things, however it was more focused towards enhancing personal productivity vs organizational goals. The Google Team Drives have been created keeping the business users in mind.

Google Team Drives focus more on detail. They allow the users to set rights to access and edit in a much better and detailed manner. As of this moment, the app is not fully ready for the people at large to use. However, organizations interested in trying out the early version of this service could request it with the Google Early Adopter Program.

Who are Eligible to Apply as Early Adopters for Google Team Drives?

Google had recently re-branded the Google apps for work as ‘G Suite’. Those who are interested in applying as early adopters for the Google Team Drives also have to be G Suite Business and Education customers. As of now only G Suite admins can register for this, and they will have to use their primary domain for the same. Many improvements to the app are expected in the days to follow. Google has stated that they would release the formal version of the app soon.

Originally published at on November 21, 2016.