The aim of Daily Vietnamese is easy to formulate : we want to offer a new and unique experience to learn Vietnamese.

We want to offer a new and unique experience of learning Vietnamese.

What about the existing resources ?

Firstly we noticed there were several resources on the Internet. Nonetheless none of them was enough to work all the aspects of a foreign language, above all when this language is really complicated to comprehend for beginners. Thus the first observation we made : right now it is impossible to work on only one platform to be taught efficiently Vietnamese. The learner needs to switch between two or three websites and maybe one or two applications in addition. That is just crazy ! Here, in Daily Vietnamese, we do not think it is valuable viable and efficient. Indeed the learners waste a lot of time to find the different resources and also to change between them. It is quite impossible to keep the motivation to work Vietnamese for in the long in such conditions !

Stop wasting your time and dividing your attention !

Secondly we noted quickly that finally there were few free and available complete courses to learn Vietnamese : either we faced a short courses with very few vocabularies either we made a professional website on which we had quickly to pay to have access to the part we wanted to explore initially.

Thirdly we saw that most of the websites or applications were targeting the travellers or tourists ! And rarely the common expatriate : yet if someone needs to learn and master Vietnamese is certainly the expatriate who could stay several years in Vietnam !!!

And so what about US ?

After this three observations concerning the content of those resources we brought to light that no experts focused on the motivation of the learner ! In Daily Vietnamese we placed the motivation of the learner as central in our project ! Learning an unusual language (from an occidental point of view), like Vietnamese, needs a huge motivation at the start and needs also to maintain this motivation high to help users to fulfil their goals and improve.

Your motivation is our priority

The last but not the least, very few websites were taking into account the importance of the methods whereas they are really important to discover a new language ! We are really interesting in discovering effective methods.

From all these observation we came up to create an exhaustive platform.

  1. We wish that the users will discover a complete new experience to learn Vietnamese.
  2. We hope that thanks to us and our hard working he will stop dividing his attention and spread himself thin !
  3. We would like that each user appreciates learning Vietnamese and uses concretely this language in his day-to-day life in HCMC or Hanoï or everywhere else in Vietnam !
  4. Our aim is to give you precise and relevant content, efficient methods and a huge amount of motivation !
  5. We want to help all the foreign people in Vietnam : tourists, travellers, businessmen on temporary basis in Vietnam, students in exchange program or long term expatriates.
“We would like that each users appreciates learning Vietnamese and uses concretely this language in his day-to-day life !”
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