These 5 Expenses Are Why Realtors Don’t Make The Kind Of Money You Think They Do!


The professional involved in the business are considered to be earning huge and living the life. However, all that glitters is not gold. A survey was recently done in the city of Marietta, GA to solve a myth.

A myth which states that real estate agents earn big time, and that no one can compete with them in terms of earning.

The majority of the realtors in Marietta, GA took part in the survey. According to them, the incomes are huge. But so are the expenses. These expenses are the reason why realtors do not make the kind of money people think they do. Some of the expenses that a real estate agent has to afford are:

  1. Dues of NRA

National Realtors Association is America’s largest realtors association. Over a million realtors from both, commercial and residential are part of the association. However, the membership is not free. The members have to pay a monthly fee which can go up to a few hundred dollars each month.

2. The dues of MLS

MLS is the biggest property database in United States. It has homes of all types from all across the country. However, having access to MLS means paying a few hundred dollars in terms of monthly fees as well.

3. Marketing Costs

The realtors in Marietta GA also revealed that marketing costs involved in the process are huge too. The agents have to market the house and also, market themselves. It comes at a huge cost. Some agents spend a few hundred, while others spend thousands in terms of marketing.

4. Costs Of Website Hosting

Being an agent in this advanced age means you have to keep up with all the latest tools available in the market. One of those tools is website hosting. When you start a business, you want to have a platform where your potential clients would come and find different homes.

However, web hosting has its own cost. It usually takes almost $3k to $5k to have a custom website. And the monthly fee of the hosting is almost $200.

5. Signs

To sell a home, agents need signs. Otherwise the home won’t sell. However, the signs don’t come for free. They have their own cost which can go up to a few hundred, and sometimes even thousands.

These are some of the expenses according to realtors in Marietta GA that they have to afford each month. But this is not it. There is much more and this article will not be enough to describe them all.

So whenever you think that real estate involves big money, remember that it also involves huge expenses in order to stay in the market. Make your move wisely!

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