…so what?

There are some ideas that are like viruses. They invade your consciousness, and you are not able to get rid of them. At some point you have changed, and you can do nothing about it.

This is what I experienced when I started studying Strategic Communication. Those concepts and ideas fit perfectly in my brain. After more than a year I think I understood the reason: my previous mindset was perfectly compatible with these new ideas. Suddenly I was able to understand many of the behaviours and beliefs I had, and put them in a new perspective. I had changed, while remaining the same.

One of the things that struck me of this process was an apparently simple question, that at some point I learned to constantly make: so what?

It’s simple, really, but extremely powerful, let me explain you why.

I’ve always been a very skeptical person. For many years now, I haven’t hold any religious or transcendent beliefs. there were many reasons for my lack of faith, but basically I couldn’t find it meaningful. Mind you, this also happened when confronted with economics theories that I studied at the university, or many new ideas i could just read in books.

My problem would have been something like this. Ok, there is this theory or belief that explain this phenomenon. It’s cool and all, and it may even make sense. But what can I do with it? It may be useful in explaining something that happened, but it does not help me in deciding how to act now.

As you probably understand by now, I’m a very present-oriented person. I don’t like to dwell in remembering my past, or exploring future possibilities, if this does not have a direct consequence in what I have to do now.

It’s probably for this reason that I gladly accepted the Strategic Problem Solving methodology. Its focus is about what to do now to reach your objectives and solve your problems, nothing more and nothing less. More and more I found myself asking “so what?” in my everyday life.

In the process I made an interesting discovery: I was extremely resourceful, and I think that basically everyone is, if just ask themselves the right questions. The very first one of these questions is, in my experience just this one.

…so what?

They say that you can’t rightly answer a wrong question, and that’s probably true especially for questions you ask yourself. Do you agree with this point, or have a personal story to share? Let me know in the comments!