The World needs more Canada

This summer i spent a couple of weeks in Canada, and it changed my life.

For someone like me it was the closest thing to the dreamland I have ever been. It was for most part better than Europe, and surely better than the USA. In fact, since then I am seriously accounting for the possibility to move there.

For this experience was so moving, I’ve decided to tell it in an article. I’ll talk about the lots of things that I liked, and the very few I didn’t like.

Well, let’s start with the negatives. What I didn’t really care for was the food. Being from Italy, I believe there are probably no more than ten other countries where food is worth praising, and Canada is not one of them. THe positive thing about food in Canada is that, just like in the USA, you can find most of the national cuisines. Sadly, Canadians are not that taste-educated, and basic ingredients, especially vegetables and fruits, tend to be unripe, and not very rich in flavour. For this reason they use a vast array of dressings, that basically cover any taste of the basic ingredients. From an Italian standpoint that’s no less than a crime.

Also, they love a little too much the bitter-sweet taste. Mind you, I actually like it too, but when everything edible is bitter-sweet, it becomes boring!

But this brings me to one of the most positive things in Canada, it’s truly concerned about integration. The basic idea is that you may come to Canada for work, and enjoy it. And you can enjoy your culture too, if it does not offend other people. I will come to the not offending topic later!

One terrible thing about Canada is phone coverage. If you stay just in one state, or in a big city, let’s say Toronto, then no problem. But if you move from Ontario to Quebec, that may be troublesome. Cell coverage in the great, green lands often drops, and the average phone card goes around 60CAD per month, which is like 4 times the equivalent in Italy.

But this is inevitable. Canada is the second largest country in the world, and has half the population of Italy. Also, most of people are concentrated in the big cities. The state of Ontario by itself welcomes almost half of the population of Canada. There are hundreds of kilometers of nothing, just woods, lakes, tundras and very long and straight roads. If you like wilderness, you have plenty. If you like big cities, you have those too. If you are a small cottage on the lake kind of guy, you will find plenty of those. You can even choose if you prefer the hermit kind of lake, or the big lake community one.

But let’s stay on the road for one more moment. This is at the same time positive and negative. You have this very large roads and highways, and this is great. Roads are incredibly neat, they are kept in perfect condition despite the winter climate. On the other hand, apparently Canada has yet to discover traffic circles, and people just don’t know how to drive. I blame the extensive use of the automatic gear for that!

Up until now, I admit, it seems to be an average country. Yes, it’s the second nation in the world by GDP growth per capita, and it’s relatively easy to find a job, and immigrate to, but what else?

Well there is just one, more, little thing, and it’s not maple syrup.

It’s Canadian legendary politeness.

I’d say kindness, but I think politeness describes it better. Yes Canadian people are kind, just like many other ones, but more than kind they are extremely correct. They are always polite, even if you are rude. They do whatever they can to make you at ease. Probably, sorry and thank you are the most common expressions in all Canada.

It’s something difficult to describe, if you don’t go there. I travelled to Norway before, and I can say is something you find in Northern Europe. But over there people are cold, just like the climate. They are not sociable. And it has nothing to do with Irish sociality, which usually concerns being wasted together. Canadian people are social just like Italian ones. They just love to stay together, to spend time in family and with friends.

Now, for me it was Italian sociality combined with Northern Europe politeness and efficiency. I just fell in love with Canadian culture.

This is the kind of Canada Obama talked about, the one the world needs more. I understand it now.

For this, I can only suggest you to go there, and discover it yourself. I’m already planning my next trip too, during winter this time. Because to quote princess Elsa, the cold never bothered me anyway.




I write about communication, strategy, innovation and education. I’m extremely passionate about these topics, and i aim to give a personal contribution

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Leonardo Dri

Leonardo Dri

I write about communication, strategy, innovation and education. I’m extremely passionate about these topics, and i aim to give a personal contribution

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