Why I love Australia

Right, so I have this random love for all things Australia. I’ve never actually been but I’m sort of obsessed with the country, the people, the politics, the culture, the idiosyncratic ways. I’m not saying I’m stalking the Commonwealth or anything but it should probably have some Vegemite handy to keep me at bay. (It’s the only Aussie export I’m not keen on.)

People, often Aussies themselves, ask why I adore their country so much. So I’ve compiled a list of reasons by way of explanation. This, in no particular order, is why I love Australia.


Being “fair dinkum”

ANZAC Day at Gallipoli

Kangaroos fight in the street

Even if their coordination isn’t great

The national anthem is awesome

(Though some people should pay more attention to the bit about sharing their boundless plains with those who’ve come across the seas.)

And so is the song everyone thinks is their national anthem

It’s the only G20 nation that avoided recession during the global financial crisis

Eric Bana

Budgie smugglers


Culinary adventurousness

They love their coffee

Like, REALLY love it


“Buckley’s chance”

The Australian Legend by Russel Ward

Heath Ledger

Gough Whitlam

The Secret Life of Us

Ben Chifley



The fair go

Eddie Mabo

The apology to the Stolen Generations


Charles Kingsford Smith

Schindler’s Ark

Paul Keating

THAT speech


Their electoral divisions have names like ‘Batman’, ‘Jagajaga’, ‘Warringah’, ‘Blaxland’ and ‘Bendigo’


Bronwyn ‘Airwolf’ Bishop

Malcolm Turnbull

Elections on Saturdays

Australian politics in general

Outback horror

Rockpool’s wagyu burger (via John McTernan)

Caroline Chisholm

Nicole Kidman

Laurie Oakes

The Redfern Park speech

Perth, because I have family there

Kalgoorlie, because I have family there too

Neville Wran


Hugh Jackman

“Going troppo”

John McTernan (Basically an Aussie; aka “McTerno”)

The Great Barrier Reef

The Seekers

Barry Humphries

John Curtin

Rupert Murdoch

The word “larrikin”

Liam Hemsworth

Dear sweet Jesus, Liam Hemsworth

Seriously, I love you Australia