The Universe and Why I Love It

I’ve always enjoyed the idea of belonging to something. Being part of a bigger picture, cooperating, feeling like there’s always something there to support and guide me. It makes me feel safe and wanted. Cared for. It provides my curious little head with answers that settle me down for my future. A natural answer to this yearning would be to join a religion and be apart of a community of followers who believed in the same thing I did. Realising this, I attempted. I began as a very undevout Christian, never attending church, praying once in a blue moon and not really believing in God or Jesus. My ‘faith’ was pointless and insignificant and I didn’t at all get out of it what so many others did. I decided to switch gears and become a Buddhist. In the media, they put out this unrealistic glorified impression of Buddhism without ever understanding what it is. It wasn’t difficult to follow but I found it unfulfilling and I wasn’t willing to give up certain things that brought me closer to the faith, therefore I gave up. I briefly tried Christianity again, hoping for more positive results this time round. I didn’t get them.

I took a break from religion and allowed myself a breather to enjoy my life and discover my faith if and when I was ready. After a short while of a strange sadness, I began looking into my own sort of faith, which I haven’t yet been able to pinpoint.

One night, whilst gazing at the glory of the moon and stars, I began to feel something, that I hadn’t felt before, when I really acknowledged the sky and the universe around me. It sent me back to a time when my mum had told me, fondly that ‘all the stars above us are people close to us that died’. She would point to each one, naming them a family member, my full trust in every word she uttered. I mean, who wouldn’t want to be something as beautiful as a star?

It was then that I began my belief in the Universe. I believe that everything on the planet is tied in with its force and,when we die, we rejoin it, finally at peace with ourselves. It sounds strange, dreamy and even a bit crazy but it’s something that I can actually trust in and really get out what I put in. It’s a calm and easy way of living, of course with no divine being, just simple letters and prayers to the force of the universe to bring luck and joy to all. What could be better than that?

Do you have a religion? How does your faith help you? I’d love to know!

Peace and Love xxx