5 Keys to Surviving Adulthood

It’s been about one month since I’ve last posted on Medium. That’s when one of life’s moments shocked me and shook me and left me with the plan to really examine where I get stuck in life. So I did. And I wrote about it. Life is filled with so much wonderful experiences when you pay attention. This past month has been filled with so much beautiful moments that I realized I missed out on a lot of present experiences because I was always so lost in my fears and my thinking! A lot of my writing is personal and about other people so here’s what I learned on a surface level:

JFK Airport 9/15/16

All of my fears are holding me back. In the book titled, The Untethered Soul, Author Michael Singer says to truly let it all go. That’s the only way we can ever move forward. Let it all go. Not just saying you will, but as the consciousness, observe, relax, and let go.

Be kind to others. But don’t forget to be kind to yourself. Don’t kick yourself for falling back into a habit, or doing something you promised you wouldn’t do. Be aware, but don’t make yourself feel guilty for it. Get back up, start over, and give yourself the love that you need to keep going.

Be Empathetic. We’re all human beings trying to find happiness. Be that strong being that allows for spaciousness and understanding, compassion and kindness.

Meditation is all about being friends with your mind. Thoughts are inevitable. You’ll sit still and you’ll start to notice all of these thoughts happening one after another. Be friends with your thoughts. No need to do anything impulsive about them. Just be aware of them. They are only thoughts. When you go out into the world, meditation will help in making more conscious decisions.

Everything Changes. Live life without a story line. Life is much more exciting that way.

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