Asian Women in the Art World

I picked up a book today about Yoko Ono. I’m fascinated by her life and her accomplishments. I read through a couple of pages and I’m excited to end my night learning about her.

Ruth Asawa

I showed a friend one of my drawings. And he mentioned the artist Ruth Asawa. I’m not going to lie to you and say i’m immersed in the art world. I just like to draw. (I like to consider myself as one of those lone ranger artist types) *bleck. Anyways, I looked her up and I’m in love with her pieces. I hope to have a piece of hers in my home one day.

This led me to think about how many Asian women are famous artists. In my life, being creative and going after my art/writing passions was frowned upon and never encouraged. I sense that this is the norm for many other Asian families. If I had the encouragement and cheers from my parents very early on when I said that I wanted to be a writer/painter, then maybe i’d have the balls to go after my passions full force instead of half assing it all. I’m not going to lie to you, I’m afraid. I’m afraid of leaving the safety net that I created for myself. I’m afraid to starve or not know what happens next after this. I’m afraid that i’ll start hating my writing, and I’ll lose my passion for the only things that I have been passionate all my life. I’m afraid to lose the thing that I have always loved.

I guess I gotta dive into it. Or maybe I’ll just dip in slowly, toe-by-toe.

my art work
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