Don’t you think??

1. Everything has 2 sides.

Every subject. Every person. Every story. Every opinion. And every coin, has 2 sides. We constantly need to remember this, and we need to make an effort to always see both sides.

2. Nobody is transparent.

Regardless of how the person comes across, he/she is not like that completely. To really know a person for the good, the bad and the ugly, you need to spend time with them and tune in to your intuition.

3. Assuming is worst than guessing.

When you “guess” something, you are well aware that you really don’t know, and that you are in a grey area which your guess will have its natural implications. But when you “assume”, you subconsciously feel that you know, so you are not aware that you are in a grey area, and you’re not expecting the natural implications. The solution is, always make sure to “know”, never assume!

4. Own everything.

Some people go through life from a renters perspective. Which means, they don’t feel it’s their problem. They don’t feel they have the ownership to solve it. They don’t feel they have the abilities to take full control. Switch that mind set! Own everything. It’s your problem. You have the abilities and control to solve it.

5. You could stretch the space.

People operate very much from an instictive reactive mode. They let nature run the complete show, and whenever there’s a natural stimuli they are in the side seeing how nature responds. The truth is, there’s a space between stimuli and response. Your role is to stretch the space there. And there’s where your uniqueness is, orterwise your just another piece of nature.