I like about Instagram that it is one of the rare platforms, I actually use very frequently as a…
Marco Zander

Hey Marco! Thanks for your detailed response. I definitely agree, while Instagram’s awareness is second to none, the click through rate is (generally) abysmal relative to other platforms. We’ll see if Instagram’s new-ish feature of adding links to Stories will change this, but for the most part, CTR on the platform is pitted to stay low.

To overcome this, the only alternative to crawling your way up on the platform is through Instagram influencers (shoutout purchases, showcasing product, etc.) and buying ads.

To answer your question, for headlines I would highly recommend giving Copyhackers and the rest of Joanna Wiebe’s work (one of her headline articles here), as well as taking Len Smith’s Udemy course on copywriting which covers headlines in detail (Udemy’s prices change day to day it seems, so it won’t always be as high as $90).

Regarding Medium CTAs, according to Benjamin Hardy, it’s best to give away a short freebie (pamphlet, short ebook) to your audience in exchange for their email or some sort of engagement — whether that’s visiting your site, etc.

Keep the CTA short, sweet, and relevant to your article’s topic. By using this same method, we’ve increased our email signups by 5X over the course of the past month.

Good luck with everything! Keep in touch.

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