Useful tips Dakota Shane Nunley! Thanks.
Michael Kalygin

Hi Michael,

Thanks for your kind words and I am happy you found value in the article!

I will try to answer your question to the best of my ability — despite not knowing the nuances of your brand, marketing strategy, etc.

Time is definitely one of the biggest obstacles within social media. Sometimes it’s tough to see if the ROI or if it’s worth it at all! I recommend reading Gary Vaynerchuk’s post called “The ROI of Your Mother” for more on this.

The good news is that Twitter is a channel that takes the least amount of time to compose a post. The bad news is that it is very much a “high touchpoint channel”. This means, if you aren’t commenting, Retweeting, and sharing other’s Tweets you could be falling behind on Twitter.

For Twitter (though I am not an absolute expert by any means), if you are looking for moderate penetration, I don’t think you should be spending more than 1.5 hours on the channel. On Twitter especially, third party tools like Hootsuite and Buffer aren’t just crucial, they’re damn near needed.

Lastly, while you might hear all around the tech community of the “death of Twitter” and to stay off the channel, I think Twitter has many more years left in the tank. In fact, gaining a following on Twitter now may be more valuable than ever because it’s easier to reach top-tier influencers (accounts with 1 million+ followers are receiving ~100 Retweets sometimes) and network, and those that are still actively using Twitter are there to stay!

I hope this helped. Kinda tough to give concrete advice with limited knowledge. Feel free to shoot me an email at if you’d like to chat more.

Best of luck!

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