Hi Dakota,
Claire Bleathman

Thanks for the kind words, Claire! I’m glad to hear there will be more people offering that type of advice out there. I have had very similar experiences.

I think it’s a great idea — depending on how much time/effort it takes for the social media audit on your end. Are you using any software or third-party tools for it or doing it manually? It also depends on the volume of clients you’re looking for. If you’re going for bigger contracts with fewer clients, it could be more than worth the time/energy. If you’re going for the high-volume model with Seed Round startups, etc., in my experience they will most likely take the knowledge and run!

Thanks again for your response, Claire. If you’d like to discuss things further or nerd out on social media, I’d be happy to connect! Just shoot me an email at dakotashanenunley@gmail.com

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