Why 1 View is Everything
Gary Vaynerchuk

Thanks, Gary— everything is a process. I started watching your content long before I began writing on Medium. I credit you and Mike Dillard with giving me the tools and inspiration to start writing and begin building my own business.

When I started writing on Medium, I was fortunate/scrappy enough to get published on Life Learning (now, The Mission). I woke up every day at 6am (before heading off to “real work”), wrote, and submitted. Wrote, and submitted. Wrote, and submitted.

After I got some traction on Medium, I used that as leverage to begin writing on other blogs. Then larger blogs. Then even larger blogs.

Recently, because of my hard work, I used all of this as leverage to land a weekly column on Inc.com, my first paid speaking gig, and my first podcast interview.

This all took over two years of working at least 2–3 hours per day on just writing/researching. Nothing overnight apart from getting published on Life Learning.

In the beginning, I was waiting for that a-ha moment. That breakthrough that would land me an Inc.com column right away. That would land me a podcast interview right away. That would land me a huge client right away.

…then I saw your Overnight Success video

I realized I would probably never have that a-ha moment. That missing piece that would change my entire life forever. Instead, I would (most likely) have a series of countless small victories as I claw my way to the top. And I am completely cool with that.

I’m ironing out a book deal at the moment, and couldn’t be happier or hungrier. I want to be on Forbes 30 Under 30. I want to 5X my business’ revenue this year. I want to start a branch of my company solely focused on educating small business owners on social media marketing.

But I realize it will all take time. It’s all a process. I’m not even close to where I want to be, but I’m getting there.

Just felt compelled to finally write a comment and tell you. Not entirely sure I’d be where I am today without your content. So thank you.

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