Equality in NAIA Cross Country Running

After recently reviewing a debate, I have been moved to take action and fight for equality among female competitors. I learned that the current NAIA collegiate rules state the men shall run a 10k while the women only have to run a 6k. I strongly disagree that there should be a disparity between how long the race is strictly based upon the gender you were “assigned” at birth. Being a male college athlete, even I think that there needs to be more equality in sports and I am seeking direct and immediate action from the NAIA to hear the argument of many students across America. It is time to stop segregating based upon ones biological gender. Who’s to tell these women they are not capable of competing at the same level as the men do? I for one feel very passionate about this subject and believe a change needs to happen in order to create equality not only among cross country, but college sports in America.

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