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Python Collections — DefaultDict

Intro & Prerequisite

This post is about Python Programming Language. This post talks about Python Collections and you need to have a minimal understanding of python to understand the same. If you’re new to python, I’ll highly recommend you reading my other posts, especially Object Oriented Python Classes & Objects

Python Collections — What are they?

Python Collections are specialized container datatypes providing alternatives to Python’s general purpose built-in containers, , , , and .

These alternatives are not a replacement of built-in types, but provides additional mechanisms which not only handles some of the obvious scenarios, but may also help you to write less lines of codes.

Recap — Python Dict

Python ' is an associative container / data structure with Key Value pair(s). …

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Fixing Software Estimations — #LessEstiates

Let’s talk about something which profoundly impacts everyone involved in Software Developments, Yes, let’s talk about Software Estimations.

In the last ~50 odd years of Software Development, One thing that has remained elusive and constantly refuse to improve itself is Software Estimations. No Matter what we do, howsoever we try to improve the way we do software estimations, it always boils down to

  • Estimations usually fail except by Accident
  • The more we estimate, the worst estimation succeeds

Yes, these statements are derived from wiio’s law of communication because as you can see that software estimations and communications fails in the same way. …

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Why do Unit Testing?

We can’t touch, smell, or feel the software to ascertain its quality, we need tests, and unit testing plays one of the biggest role in making sure that the software indeed does what it intends to do.

Why unittest framework?

There are multiple unit test frameworks available for python, but is built-in within python distribution and we don’t need to do any to use it.

This doesn’t mean that it’s better than other available frameworks like , you must evaluate the available test frameworks and choose the best suited for your projects

Let’s start using unittest

To use , we just need to write the following statement inside out test…


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