The Seas Will Save Us: How an Army of Ocean Farmers are Starting an Economic Revolution
Bren Smith

That’s “funny”, U’re &à years less than me an myself, it’s after a 10 days of NDE (Near Death Experience) I had realized that i’ve vever done anythin’ for poorest and fooless people.

When i’v returned ar home , I though to my life experiences & as I was in a rollin’ chair for 2 years, I’ve began to work about sea urchins farmin but, as the suthern men began to import them from Algeria ’cause sea water produts as them were forbidden by Koran (haram) & as they don’t consume them it was a lot of on their shores (when I was young , i use to be a professional apnea diver in Mediterranean Sea on the coast where I was livin’ in a small house ten meters sea far and solold them to fisheries makin’ a good pocket money) so I’ve tried to increase my production with farming in a little bay about 40 000 square meters close with a net to avoid the predators & escape of sea urchins, it was the first integrated farm, sea urchins eatin’ sea weeds of the bottom (posidonia) and it was legally possible for me to take them with autonome scapander in each seasons which is forbidden by Froggie’s law.

For that raison , i’ve done my aquaculture examination in 1973 (I was 20) to have a free access to the maritim domain (DPM) and began to farm with little sea urchins of 5 mm diameter took in a natural nursery i’ve remarked durin’ my subwater huntings .After 6 months exploitation , fishermen complain that I was blockin’ a good place for them and (disguted) I let it down tryin’ ro explain to dumb administration that at the contary that as the sea urchins larvae were planctonic, I was makin’ a high density of animals all aroun me and it was disrurbing anyone ’cause swimmers were on surface & fishermen can(t puy their nets ’cause of rte rosks and the shore oroximity, but it was Frogs nation directed with bastards donkeys ( perhaps, as i’ve done in my duty free work I let speakin’ $$$ like to cusrom officer it could h(ve been differen but i was young & naive)

When I arrived in Normandy with her stupid, incultured ad money vicious population, I thouh what to do, as I’d explain and after studies on Fletan’s on shore , iHear a day the price of sale of special local specy P. Serratus caled”bouquet Breton” who was the best i’d never tasted at the price of sale of 60$/Kg and i’ve found my way (Frenhies ‘re sonsuming 1000 tons of this specy and there is only 20 tons fished, th oyhers comin’ from Tukry and others countries on mediterranean borders and North Sea too.

I’ve found my way too and I was 61, an old man unable to learn and memorize as all people around were thinkin’, so i’ve done my own brain yoga retrieving my DNA sources fram famous ancestors as my PAPA and as i’d an Aldeiger syndrom avoidin’ depressions with THC & DMT narutral herbs planted on my balcony or recolted around the pounds (Phalaris Arundicea).

As P. Serratus has never beeb farmed, i’ve decided to begin with Stylorostrus & Japonica (18–22 cm lenght ) and all that on land.
I stop there my commentary & U can find everything in my profile to LIndekin raymond dalaise with a special mention for 2 posts I’ve done with th bra,d “TROPICANA” in rheir title which is a special invention that I gave for nothing to every one is wanting to do it but without deposating any patent ’cause I’ve done it yet & I will attack anyone tryin’ to do that.

Baron Raymond Dalaise de Berre ( a parallel way from U’rs)

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