What Will It Take?

I’m the type of girl that gives people the benefit of the doubt or try to understand where they are coming from when they make certain decisions…except when you repeatedly show me that I am not valued by you, that my efforts are wasted and unwanted.

My family situation is not a normal one, though some would say it is typical. I think this affects my siblings a little more than it does me because of when it all started. Still, I try to do my best to help to make things easier for them. My dilemma now is one particular sibling keeps grinding my gears, it is always a battle and it doesn’t matter what you say or do, the care is just not there.

I am an inch or two from giving up, but I know that if I stopped, the situation would only worsen rather than turn around. On the other hand, I am losing money, time, energy and my stress level is higher than ever. So what do I do? What will it take for me to let go? What will it take to turn things around?