Write Down Your F*ck It List To Avoid Regrets In Life
Tomas Laurinavicius

Ok, first may I say I laughed out loud at some of the list . Number 65….”Tinder” 😂😂😂you have to let that one go! I wanted to add that the readers should be conscious that your life could change in an instance and leave with you regrets while living (which is far worse than having regrets while dying…in my opinion ). Based on your list, I think we are similar.’I worked hard and played harder!!!! I loved it. I got a rush and a high from the pressure and still could manage to toss back 6–7 Vodka / sodas and get back to work all perky and fresh on 3 hours of sleep. Then one day I had a splitting headache that I mentioned to my doctor. She ordered an MRI which I thought was an overreaction but she was leaving her practice so she thought to be thorough. It turned out, I had a pituitary tumor (the headache had nothing to do w/it so I attribute it to God or something divine that led me tony dr). In 2 1/2 years, I had brain surgery followed by 12 failed back surgeries . I’m 43 and I now have very limited use of my legs from botched surgery, I’ve gained so much weight from steroids but because of all the atrophy and I have a foot drop now, excercise is impossible. To add salt to the wound, the steroids and meds are making all my teeth fall out and nobody in the state of MI will help or do pro bono work. I used to earn almost six figures and now I’m living in barely $1k /month. Also, I’m the primary care giver to an ailing parent. I wake most days sad that I woke up. I’m usually perky, optimistic and don’t see obstacles in my way. However, this battle has worn me down and won. So, my point is, I agree we everyone should treat every day as potentially the last . In the spirit of that, treat everyone with respect, grab your dreams and run and above all, do not let fear stand in your way. Regret feels much worse than fear. Thanks for sharing your story friend!

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