Lauren Modery

  • Okay, I seriously hate these cautionary tales that scare off us seasoned edible users. I have chronic condition for which I grew a tolerance for traditional pain meds. My doctor suggested that I get my Medical card and so on. I’m from Detroit so the dispensaries were slim pickings for a while before I discovered a place called Natures Alternative where they truly treat it as a profession for healing many ailments and also for enjoyment. You’re encouraged to ask questions and a good buys tender knows his business. You never walk way feeling dirty or nervous. In fact, I felt empowered, informed (and a gram of free indica on top it). Now because my tolerance is high, they make a special brownie for me (albeit expensive but worth every cent) , it has 300 grams of THC and the Oil alone has just ton a ton of hash, it’s insane . The first time I took it, I stayed in a mellow, contained environment and at first, the first few moments were reminiscent of taking acid in high school but I kept telling myself to enjoy the experience and feel the body buzz. I ended up laying bed and listening to some good music and began to really understand the physical benefits of the body buzz. That euphoria, that vibration was wayyy worth any “what I’m doing here?” Stoney moments from time time. I come from a family of alcoholics so I’m a huge advocate of recreational laws being passed everywhere. It’s pretty impossible to overdose on pot, no matter how fucked up you are. It has many benefits and in places like Denver where they’re not hemmed in with as many restrictions, they can readily make products that even take out the psychotropic effect bud you still get the body buzz with a CBD product. I guess I’ve just seen the destruction of my family when our dad, so in denial of his own drinking, went into an alcohol induced psychosis. I watch gross consumption of alcohol everywhere and although “I look” but rarely touch it myself. I have no issue with responsible drinking however I certainly wouldn’t have decided to go to even a drinking establishment on top of taking three x the suggested dose simply because you couldn’t wait an hour, lol. You were told! Lol. I’m not judging but it gives it a bad rap for people like me who, because of it, I no longer take hardcore pain meds like methadone for a chronic condition left behind from brain surgery. It just sounds like you made some rash decisions that weren’t good ones. Sounds like you had a heavy, heavy indica buzz. Had you just stayed in bed and had sex and then got some food, but some version of staying in bed, the shit would have been off the chain. Great dog with pizza imagery btw! Try it once more but remember this golden rule of thumb, you can always take more but you can’t take away! Better luck next time!
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