Someone Saved My Life Tonight

I was outside on Thanksgiving taking photos of the snow and how it had frozen on the trees. In midst of ten photos, three of them had these streaks of light which appeared.

Of course there were many people who just insisted it was either snowing or the wind blowing the snow of the frozen tree…as if I wouldn’t have noticed. Anyhow, it got me thinking about energy and light, orbs and spirits . I began to think about all the friends I’ve lost already. I can count at least fifteen or twenty off the top of my head. The scariest part, I’m only 43…the same age my mother was when she died.

Thanksgiving was her favorite holiday too. The same with my friend Kenny who’s annual call would perk me up while I lay suffering from the drunken fodder and antics of the night before. I thought about how many calls I would give and receive to wish all my loved ones a happy Thanksgiving and how that was gift enough for everyone. Its the holiday of love. No money or names exchanged. No running to the mall (well, until Black Friday came along and ruined everything but I’ll save that rant for another day!)

When I look at this picture now, I can almost name each sliver of light . I truly feel it was all those loved ones reaching out to me. I feel warmth as if they are running through me. I get choked up thinking about it now. Maybe it’s the need to believe that we really are reunited with our loved ones, perhaps I’m just lonely. All I know is that I had this special moment in my hand and it’s like it dissipated into thin air. I look out at it every night as if I’m expecting to see something amazing. I hope I’ll be ready when it does.

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