Written by Richard Gould, Senior Backend Engineer at Dalia Research.

On my first day at Dalia, Fernando, the CTO, joined me at the local café for an introductory chat. We talked about what my goals should be for the next six months, and what was expected of me. One thing I strongly remember was that he said within six months I should hopefully have a full command of the system, understanding how they’re interconnected, and be able to make impactful decisions about them. “No problem,” I thought to myself. Usually, it only takes me three months or so to firmly…

Nowadays becoming a software developer is undoubtedly one of the best career choices someone can make, not only because of the great job opportunities available but also because of the huge rewards in terms of personal satisfaction, self development and creative expression.

As someone who began walking this career path not so long ago I always thought that more people should be able to know what a great opportunity it is to work in this field.

With the right amount of passion and perseverance everyone can acquire the necessary skills at any point in one’s life.

Here are some of…

Christine Maree, Coach at Dalia

At Dalia, we believe in making the world a better place — not only in what we do for our clients but also for our team members as well. One of Dalia’s 5 Core Values is to “Help Each Other Grow” and we truly believe in it. As part of demonstrating our commitment to our goals, Christine Maree recently joined Dalia as Coach.

Jack from our Marketing team sat down with Christine to gain a little bit of insight into what the role of a Coach is and how she is helping the team at Dalia to grow further in…

In this post, Mark Riseley, former Senior Advisor at Dalia and now Measurement Partner Lead at Facebook shares a short collection of things he’s learned about writing great surveys, especially for mobile devices. If you would like to see these tips demonstrated on example survey questions, click here to receive our survey writing tips for free white paper.

Keep it short and sweet

We learned that writing great surveys for mobile is not only about adapting to small screen sizes, but also about rethinking surveys from a respondent’s perspective. Not all questions types are appropriate for mobile surveys . Over-complicated question types, like elaborate matrix…

This insight into the Business Value of Trust is intended as a reference point for researchers as they consider how best to measure and communicate the value of their trust investments.

We help research agencies, brands, consultancies, academia, public institutions and other organisations better understand consumer, market and public opinion trends. Using real-time targeting and attribution technologies, our platform distributes millions of micro surveys around the globe.

User Response Quality

Our mission is to transform opinions from around the world into insights in order to help organisations make better decisions. Therefore, the quality of Dalia’s insights depend largely on the quality of Dalia’s…

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There are many reasons why you don’t want to miss out on mobile to do research. Half of all digital time spent in the US is mobile. In many emerging markets, people leapfrog from non-online to mobile directly, with mobile-only populations between 10% and 30%. It also has advantages for research, as people are more in-the-moment and can do surveys while on the subway or when shopping in a natural environment, rather than in more artificial interview situations on desktop, per telephone or face-to-face.

Half of all digital time spent in the US is mobile.

To utilise the potential of…

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Mindfulness is the English translation of the Pali term “Sati” and it means focusing one’s awareness on the present moment without judging the quality of the experience.

While in this state the attention is focused on an object, usually the sensation of the breath as it comes and goes, while the thoughts, sensations and feelings simply fade in the background. When practicing mindfulness It’s important not to fight unwanted feelings, thoughts or sensations but simply to acknowledge them without judgment and let them pass while we go back to the sensation of the breath. …

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When it comes to providing samples for market research account managers, quality is king. Dalia’s Market Research Industry Sampling Report, which reviews the opinions of over 150 MR managers, shows that superior data quality is the most valued feature of external sample providers, beating out all other considerations including industry reputation, quick field time, country coverage, and more.

Superior data quality is the most valued feature of external sample providers.

60% of account, project, or procurement managers will choose a provider who is proven to have good data quality, followed by 40% who make their selection based on accurate feasibility…

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According to Dalia’s Market Research Sampling Report, those working in the sampling industry see room for automation across many tasks. However, personalised communication is still valued when it comes to coordination, client interactions and survey design.

Sampling industry see room for automation across many tasks.

Despite the high expectations of what automation can offer the sampling industry, automation doesn’t appear to be widely used within the sampling work process. Based on responses from 163 MR account managers from around the world, most respondents automate the fieldwork monitoring process (34%).

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Millennials are poised to overtake Baby Boomers as the largest segment of the US population in 2019. Millennials are the trend-setting consumers of today and tomorrow, so it makes sense that companies should invest more money into millennial focused research. According to Dalia’s 2018 Sampling Report, 46% of market research project managers say that they need more reach with millennials. But, millennials are a tough group to reach; not only do their values differ greatly from those of previous generations, but they also have very different habits.

For one, because they place such a high premium on mobility and travel…

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