Texas Wildcatter Torchlight Energy: Orogrande Project Horizontal-Well Location

Torchlight Energy selects horizontal Well-location for its initial Orogrande Project wildcat attempt [University Founders A25 #1]

Torchlight Energy has selected Well-location for its initial Orogrande Project wildcat attempt; which will see it [1] drill the first horizontal-Well in the Orogrande Project’s history and [2] attempt to prove first commercial oil volumes for the resource play

Torchlight Energy — which has spent the last 18 months gathering discovery data, vertical-Well testing, and optimizing an Orogrande Project-tailored Well-strategy that will see it deploy twenty years of macro-technology evolution at the play — has selected Well-location for its initial Orogrande Project wildcat attempt. With its initial horizontal wildcat attempt, Torchlight will be deploying multiple decades of translated Frac Tech-evolution; Frac Tech which will give it unprecedented geological and Well-design insight as well as unprecedented technical prowess when attacking the resource play. Torchlight will be challenging the unique geological complexities of the Orogrande Basin, challenging the extraordinary Well-design difficulty presented by the Orogrande Basin, and challenging the nearly limitless down hole variables it is sure to encounter upon launching its drilling and exploration program.

We believe that Torchlight can execute — given the substantial theoretical and testing-based data it has collected prior to launching a wildcatting program — and we believe that Torchlight has the geological, geophysical, and reservoir engineering team in place to do what has never been done before: prove commercial oil volumes in the Orogrande Project. In short, we believe that Torchlight can disrupt the global Energy Complex by successfully proving out its Orogrande Project efforts. Torchlight, with completion of its last vertical Well-test, has gathered the necessary data to move the Orogrande Project thesis forward.

Nearly two years from initial data-collection efforts, Torchlight Energy has permitted the first horizontal-Well for its Orogrande Project; the first horizontal effort in the history of the Orogrande Basin. Torchlight has now proceeded to select Well-location — based entirely on its nearly two year data collection and data analysis program. With this horizontal effort, Torchlight moves beyond vertical Well-testing and vertical Well data collection and into thesis prove-out. With this horizontal effort, Torchlight will be able to deploy the full war chest of its technology, its geological, geophysical, and Well-design learnings, as well as its [vertical-Well tested] operating learnings. Torchlight Energy, more so than any of its predecessors and more so than any E&P in the history of the Orogrande Basin, is ready to prove concept; it’s ready to unlock the Orogrande Project.

We met with the Torchlight Energy team at Torchlight HQ just four weeks ago to review overall strategy, Well-location, and the geological complexities of the Orogrande Project. We’ve never been more confident in Torchlight or in the strategy for attacking the Orogrande Project; and we’re extremely excited that Torchlight has moved forward with horizontal Well-location.

Through each stage of maturation and through each stage of optimization we’ve been proud to work with Torchlight Energy management and we’ve been proud to support the E&P’s development efforts. We continue to believe in the team at Torchlight Energy and we continue to believe in the disruptive potential of its technology-first approach to revolutionizing the Energy Complex.


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