Dallas Technologies: Mainframe Training-Key to direct placement in MNCs

As is known Mainframe is an ultra-high- performance computer made for high-volume, processor-intensive computing. Being a large and powerful computer, it works with large data chunks and supports a myriad of users simultaneously. Mainframe is an industry term for a large computer, typically manufactured by a large company such as IBM for the commercial applications of Fortune 1000 businesses and other large-scale computing purposes. Historically, a mainframe is associated with centralized rather than distributed computing.

Presently, there is no doubt that Mainframe market is growing day by day in India which makes it an essential thing to Master the Mainframe technologies to enroll insoftware companies. Hence it is an important decision to choose the best mainframe training center. Choosing the right institute becomes more challenging every day and thus one should meet the right people. The Mainframe training institutes have their set routine and curriculum to impart the subject knowledge in theory as well as practical. At Dallas Technologies, Mainframes Training is imparted keeping in view the industry requirements as well as individual learner’s capacity to grasp.

Mainframe course is coming with classroom session, Lab. , Tech seminar, Project seminar , Interview Preparation and mock interview. “Mainframe training” curriculum crafts engineers and software related professionals into mainframe professionals and upon completion of the course, candidates get placed with leading MNCs across the globe at various levels depending upon the caliber and experience. This training program helps attain the expected career in MNC.

The IBM Application System/400 also called as AS/400 is a family of mid-range business computing systems that supersedes IBM’s highly successful System/3 X family. The AS/400 is available in three different types the 9402, 9404, and the 9406. Hence, people interested in programming large scale application and possessing passion for highly challenging tasks in IT industry can plan to pursue the Mainframe training and be the leader in creating solutions for fortune 500 companies. This would fetch opportunities for good career growth in India and abroad as well.

Several applications have been developed using the mainframe technology which include Online Reservation system, Banking Applications, Insurance and Finance related Applications and many more.

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