Dallas Technologies: The Promise of On-Demand Business Intelligence

Business intelligence usually submits to the information needed for the organization to make Business related decisions effectively. A data warehousing system is the backend, or the infrastructural, component for achieving business intelligence. The combination of cloud computing and widely used data analysis tools is making on-demand business intelligence more realistic and appealing.

Cloud computing is changing the way businesses deliver a wide range of services, including business intelligence. Old school BI projects typically start with an on-premise data warehouse or data mart populated with data collected from one or more transaction processing systems. This usually meant putting together a team that included:

  • a database architect to design a dimensional data model;
  • some extraction transformation and load (ETL) developers to create scripts to get data in a usable form into the data warehouse/mart;
  • database administrators to deploy, maintain and tune the database;
  • and a domain expert to define the requirements for the project, especially around reporting and analysis tools.

The on-premise BI infrastructure includes servers, ETL software, reporting tools and possible additional tools for data quality analysis and visualization. On-demand BI holds the promise of reducing the burden of setting up and running this complicated infrastructure.

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