i believe the proper response format was: “volcano”.
a guy

I personally am sick of voting for a person and party simply because the alternative is just unacceptably horrible. I did it in 2012, and regreted it a few months later when it turned out he was spying on all of us just like Bush, punishing Whistleblowers far more than any other administration, and bombing other countries with drones as if killing people is acceptable because our troops aren’t on the ground.

That is not the change I was looking for, and not the actions of a great president.

And looking at her own record as Secretary of State, and her own comments on foreign policy, Hillary Clinton will do exactly the same thing Obama has done.

If you’re terrified of Trump (and don’t get me wrong, he has said a lot of shit that makes him a legitimate concern), then vote for the candidate who consistently polls better against not just him, but every single Republican candidate who had been running. Which is Bernie Sanders.

Vote for the candidate who has consistently demonstrated how to make a good decision for you, your friends, and your family. And who doesn't have “evolve” to do the right thing like she’s a bloody Magikarp.

Take a stand, and vote for your own best interests, and not because you’re scared.

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