Fresh concept mobile OS UX 1.3

This is a follow up from Fresh concept mobile OS UX 1.0 if you haven’t checked that out yet.

This is continuation of the Users home screen and how each section of the home screen is important to have tailored per person using their device.

The User Joystick

The home screen is a Users safe ground, a personalised page, some may like to have wallpapers, while others may like to leave white, again to have as little content on screen. Phones are f**k’n awesome, but we all know they are a massive distraction. Procrastinating is easy when everything you like is at your fingertips!

The App revolving chamber

The App revolving chamber, this will be the housing for apps, a neat pop up rotating wheel that will become addicting to play with. You can store as much apps as you want within this chamber. Apps will open as you stop on one and swipe up (seen here)

The Lifestyle bar

Notifications! This will be a major question for all, but sticking to the minimal idea we want notifications to be a priority but still to not cause anxiety with a build-up of missed notifications. Simply swipe across the top bar to see your notifications, weather, trends, stocks and loads more, and again this is all changeable

Keith Daly
14/ 07/ 2017