It’s never quite sunk in that I’m an adult, even now at the age of 25. Probably because it took me until nearly 24 to find full time work and have the money to do what I want to do instead of just thinking “Boy I’d love to be able to do this thing, maybe someday.”

Of course there is all the not so fun parts of adulthood like paying rent, bills and having to budget and make sure you have enough money. When I was 19 back in the ancient days of 2011 I tried living in a unit with a friend and I didn’t make enough money at the time so I barely scraped by.

People say greed and wanting lots of money is a bad thing, I say it’s potentially good because I want lots of money and won’t screw over the rest of the world to get it.

Shortly after I lived with my sister for the next three years and studied and tried getting back on my feet. From age 20–22 (2012–2014) I didn’t live my life, I merely existed. It took way longer than it should have but I completed my studies and moved back to Brisbane and lived in the sharehouse.

When I lived with my sister she was a big help in making sure if we needed something we had it and was a bit of a support net. There was more than a few issues and my sister and I argued a bit here and there or she’d say something to piss me off.

December 2014 when I moved back to Brisbane, I was on my own. I had no support net. I was on benefits at the time which was just barely enough to survive and try and save money after rent, groceries and public transport. Luckily I didn’t have to pay for the bills, so that helped alot. Around the start of February 2014 I started dating my ex and a major goal was once I was back in Brisbane was to get full time work, get my own place and have her come visit and stay for a little while.

2015 went by and I didn’t get a job despite multiple job interviews and attempts and as she’s my ex we know how that story ended. Spoilers: For the better.

End of 2015, I finally got my chance. I got a job. I still lived in the sharehouse in 2016 until November but finances were more manageable. 2016 is where it hit me the hardest that holy shit, I’m an adult. I pay taxes, I have necessities I need to pay for and when I got the news I got my unit I live in now, I was at Supanova here in Brisbane. Aka big gaming/anime/manga/pop culture convention.

In the two weeks between me getting the news and moving it didn’t sink in that I had finally achieved a goal I’d spent two years longing for. It didn’t sink in until shortly after moving in and after my sister and her fiance helped me move in and I saw all of my furniture setup.

A few months later in March 2017, I’m still shocked I’m an adult. I pay taxes, bills, rent, buy groceries, pay for public transport and save money like a responsible adult. The worst part of adulthood is not having as much free time as I want and when I do have free time I always end up reminding myself of the list of stuff I need to do besides video games.

The only thing I miss from adolescence was all the free time, I once just sat and marathoned one of my favorite JRPGs in a weekend, 14–16 hour sessions at a time. I miss being able to do that without thinking of the list of other stuff I want/need to do.

I’d still prefer adulthood over adolescence even without as much free time though. I want my freedom.

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