Back stronger than ever - March 1st 2017

Seven weeks has passed since a split-second incident lead me to re-evaluate my goals, vision and focus.

Falling off my road bike on black ice was not in my plans. In fact it messed up everything. My fitness goals and my head!

Falling off my bike left me bruised and battered. My body and my pride. It was all going so well - my training to transition from being a lifelong runner to a cycling fan. But on that morning I made a mistake. I went out in bad conditions and paid the price.

Realising my stupidity had resulted in needing to have an operation on my shoulder five days later, led me to hide a little shame-faced in a ‘hole’ to get over the disappointment. I came off social media to give me time to re-focus on life. Take one step at a time, listen to my body and get some clear perspective.

In times of insecurity you turn to people who are there for you no matter what. And you turn to look at yourself too. Take the positives and deal with the setbacks.

We flit through life living in our own perceived world of expectancy. Taking things for granted or missing the ‘signs’, wandering around lost in our own importance or swallowed up in our misfortunes. But that’s life, one step in front of our eyes is our journey.

I have always been an all or nothing person. When I decide to go for something I put everything into it - much to the dismay of some people close to me. Head down, straight on, tunnel vision - that’s me! I FLICK THE SWITCH and I am off.

Now I am back, focused, determined and motivated again. I still have rehab to do, but I am recovering well and the change in routine has helped me progress new developments with my coffee house Café 1809 Travelling around the world has been fun. My fitness is picking up and new goals are formulated.

As I sit with Prince’s Purple Rain blasting out in my ears (the soundtrack that got me through mile 9 of last year’s London Marathon), I have the fire in my belly again.

Over the next few weeks I aim to pass on my passion and experiences to help other people reach their own goals.

I start on the 6th March with my Marathon and running tips. Each week leading up to the London Marathon I will be posting my learnings from my (literal) run-up to London 2016. As some of you know, this was a big experience and huge learning curve for me!

I will be posting new fitness photos and talking nutrition and motivation on both Twitter @damekellyholmes and Instagram realkellyholmes1500. I’ll also be launching a new Facebook and website. So, as they say, “watch this space”…

My mission is to inspire and motivate people to be the best they can be. You get out of your life what you put in. It’s good to be back!

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