Big step closer to PT dream

I’m absolutely buzzing and really excited to tell you that I passed my Level 3 Personal Trainer diploma practical assessment last Friday. This is a MASSIVE step closer to being a fully qualified PT with Future Fit Training and another huge section of my training, case study portfolio and teaching assessment completed.

Nothing with Future Fit has been easy or quick to complete. Each stage and step has required a lot of hard work and hours of studying fitted in around my hectic schedule. At times it’s been pretty tough but the support from Paul Swainson at Future Fit has been immense.

I admit I found it hard preparing for the practical assessment which saw me spend 12 weeks developing and implementing a programme for my ‘client’ Andrea. It might have been easier to pick a fellow athlete or fitness enthusiast but I chose someone who didn’t exercise much before and for whom gym work was way out of her comfort zone.

Andrea was a great sport and we left our professional relationship at the gym door and switched into ‘client/trainer’ mode surprisingly easily.

Alongside the practical, progressive workouts, I had to compile a detailed portfolio about Andrea’s goals, any obstacles in her way, how we overcame those, how we progressed her programme as she become more able, more confidence and more fit. I loved this process: it took me right back to my Army days when I worked with people and helped them set a challenge and then achieve it.

There is no better feeling!

I was delighted to be awarded a ‘double merit’ for my portfolio and the practical session. Paul noticed I’d put in some different exercises and drills into the training programme which weren’t directly from the course but adapted from my some of my personal favourite moves. I backed up all my choices and he saw the rationale so all was good.

There has been so much to learn from Future Fit and I’m not done yet. My final piece of study is the nutrition module. Again I need to find a case study client and work with them for six weeks to develop and implement a plan: once again I shall target Andrea. The detail in this training is incredible and that’s the main reason I stuck to the process as I see the course as really credible.

I have a busy few weeks now so will kick off the nutrition study when I have a bit more time to play with. And that’s the beauty of blended learning with Future Fit — I can fit the course around my commitments. I won’t wait too long to tackle the last section of training, though. I’ve got the buzz now and can’t wait to say I am qualified as a PT — another ‘tick’ on my list of “I want to”.

Watch this space!