The Other Day

The other day

I saw you on the twigs in the rain

you were the sparrow jumping from branch to branch

you were the raindrops, so peaceful and quaint

you were in that moment, I felt

but then once again I awaken

and you are not here

why do I only feel you

in the cool nights as I walk

in the hum of a song

in the soft touch of a cat’s coat

and in the warmth of a cup of tea

there are the places where you reside

only in these minuscule but perfect moments

this morning I felt you again

in the crisp air

as I sipped the warm, milky drink

and as I gazed in the distance

all I saw was you

all I felt was you

but in this moment you are not here

these moments will forever fool me

for I cannot have you

you will never be mine.