Don’t let technology confuse you

When thinking of technology and our next move to improve our business, we usually face a very common problem… There are TOO MANY TOOLS out there.

Have you ever been in the position of choosing a new tool that will push forward your next move?

You sit in front of your computer and run a search for the best tools for the job. In a moment you realize there are tons of tools, then later after a couple of hours of browsing you start feeling the symptoms of ANALYSIS PARALYSIS.


There is something we have to KEEP ALWAYS IN OUR MIND and we usually forget it due to all the hype around using new tools and apps to get easy rewards, easy outcomes.

We must not forget what is the final outcome. Why are we building this website?, Why are we subscribing to this new mailing service? In the end what we want is to TALK TO PEOPLE.

The tools you need are just a few. START SMALL, later GROW to something BIGGER. People might say, you need to be everywhere to reach people, all social networks, mailing list and ads. This in most cases IS NOT NEEDED to earn big bucks, and if you want to have that reach, this should happen STEP BY STEP. Let your business grow organically, evolve with time and tailor it exactly to fit your niche market.

“The riches are in the niches”.

But most importantly DON’T FORGET YOU ARE SERVING PEOPLE. It doesn’t matter what tool or app you choose as long as you understand your people. THE MORE YOU GET TO KNOW THEM THE BETTER, this will allow you to communicate at a deeper level and the tools you use won’t matter because your message will be tailored specifically to them.

Spend more time with your people, TALK LIKE THEM, learn the words they use and you will see how your message connects.

Hope it been useful. In next posts I’m gonna talk about the best tools to start now and little by little grow a big online reach, stay tuned.


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