NXT Ventures that you should keep an eye on

A lot of the projects that are being hyped or anticipated in the bitcoin ecosystem sometimes fill me with a feeling of “why are they doing it in such a convoluted way?”. Many of the projects would be much easier to do on the NXT blockchain, for the simple reason you do not need an extra layer on top of the bitcoin blockchain.

Personally, I’d rather do things natively in one system, than build something else on top of another to make things work. In NXT, a lot of the functionality, like authentication, account security, Proof of Existence, and multiple ways of trading etc are already built in, for the simple reason that we can.

Great effort, but hardly practical

As I’ve said in my previous article, the new year is a time when we look forward to see what is on the horizon.

I’d like to add my own choices to your lists of companies or initiatives to keep an eye on in the coming year.

#1 Open Trade Docs

Open Trade Docs is a company that was started by the startup DeBuNe and with it they received a place in the Singapore Startup Bootcamp. Open Trade Docs develops solutions for document tracing, verification and security.

#2 Scriba

Sweet and simple, Scriba uses the NXT blockchain to provide very simple solution that will have big repercussions. Their blockchain notary is a very simple example of how easy it is going to be to record data in a non-falsifiable and time-stamped way. I am looking forward to seeing how they develop their other products.

#3 Notifile.me

Another application from the DeBune stables, notifile.me is working to use the blockchain to facilitate versioning of files.

#4 Supernet

Supernet is not strictly a NXT only project, but it has a firm footing in NXT by trading all its Assets in NXT and having been instrumental in attracting people to NXT. The basis of Supernet is cooperation between crypto projects where its obvious they can benefit from eachother.

#5 MultiGateWay

The MultiGateWay Project solves one of the biggest problems in the field of cryptocurrency: the centralised nature of exchanges. MultiGateWay has been running for over a year and uses a system of multiple servers combined with the NXT Asset Exchange for exchanging coins. It’s amazing this project has gained so little attention in an industry where there have been so many problems with centralised exchanges.

#5 Smaller projects

There are a lot of people crafting tools on the NXT Platform. Just a selection of the ones I like:

Freebird: a decentralised version of Twitter. A simple use of the NXT Messaging System.

Datum: A Proof-of-Existance application. In essence Factom functionality without the extra layer. This code was produced months ago and is based on the NXT Data Cloud feature.

Bonus Games: This site has some very simple, quickly codes games, with payout in a currency that is made in the NXT Monetary System. You can see the coin here in a NXT Block Explorer. Simple and easy, and the possibilities of private coins are endless, especially for gaming!

All these projects are done on one blockchain, without having to add extra layers. It’s simple and easy. Anyone with some coding experience can get started on it. I am looking forward to seeing you code for NXT.