I think I may have been crazy

Every day, I used to wake up and say to myself, “Damilare, today is your lucky day.” Till now, that lucky day hasn’t come. I have given up on waiting for my lucky because it will never come. The only choice I have — work, work and work till every day becomes lucky

I realized I was actually working hard but I wasn’t working smart. I kept myself busy doing nothing productive. I was feeling busy and will be tired at the end of the day withoit achieving nothing. So I changed my ways. Constantly, I check myself. How is what I’m doing productive? How is it going to help my life? — You have to be selfish. So this made managing my time much easier. And I actually discovered that I don’t need that much time to achieve what I want.

I wrote down some goals that I wanted to achieve. These goals were straightforward and simple enough. Immediately, I started woeking on them. Then I discovered something, it’s not easy to change your life at once. You have to do it bit by bit or else you’ll be overwhelmed. It became crazy for me. I started getting up two hours earlier than normal — that was crazy. I decided to journal everyday — I always forget. These things I discovered would have been easier to do if I had picked them one at a time.

PS: This is my first time writing for the public so please don’t roast me. And feedback and corrections will be appreciated.

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