Greater Los Angeles Homeless Count beginning January 25th 2017…

📷 Photography By Damian Rinaldi 📷

Los Angeles will soon have a better idea of just how many people are homeless and living on the street. For two days, beginning January 25th , volunteers will come together and take a count of people, tents and encampments. The volunteers are sponsored by a group called Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority. LAHSA mission is to provide the best possible housing and services to the homeless in the county of Los Angeles.

This year there will be roughly 6,000 volunteers teaming up in different cities to help out. In 2016 the homeless count was at 46,874 which was up almost 6 percent from previous year. We can only hope the number has dropped but unfortunately can only expect the worst. With the approval of HHH, that funds 1.9 billion to provide almost 10,000 units for housing and mental/health care to those in need, we should be able to see a decrease within the years to come. Other groups like LA the Homeless way are also working with donated time and private funds to help provide a working home environment to those in need. Although there are lots of obstacles ahead and years before the housing is complete, it’s a step in the right directions. It’s about time we stop ignoring those in need and just walking by those camping out on the streets for survival.

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